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Robert Moment is a leading innovative customer service consultant, personal growth strategist, author, and self-confessed corporate dropout. After almost two decades of working with iconic American companies like Nextel, Eastman Kodak, Citicorp, Bank of America, and Xerox, Robert now works with companies, translating his corporate knowledge and experience into business practices that foster success. Robert’s greatest talent is seeing hidden possibilities, overlooked assets and underperforming activities and resources that no one else recognizes and turning them into great business assets.

Over the years, Robert has discovered that proper customer service training is essential to every business’s success. No matter how outstanding your product or service, they key to retaining loyal customers is a “Wow” customer service experience – and Robert’s customer service training can teach you how. He is an energetic, engaging customer service speaker who can motivate your customer service team to greater heights.

Robert teaches companies to set trends, not just follow them – innovation and integrity form the basis of the Moment Group’s system for success. Robert challenges his clients and his students to succeed by introducing multiple customer service problems and outstanding solutions that will work every time. Broadening horizons and inspiring greatness, Robert allows companies to leave behind preconceived boundaries and put their customers’ needs in the forefront with outstanding customer service training that will yield immense profits.

                   Let Robert be your guide to business success through exceptional customer service with his latest Customer Service Book :

  • “Customer Service Training: Creating Exceptional Customer Loyalty Experiences for Retention and Profitable Results”An invaluable customer service book with actionable “how to” ideas, tips , and strategies that increase customer loyalty and profits. Robert’s trademark insight and innovation are at work once again, transforming businesses through a positive, easily achieved system of small changes for big results. Learn the secrets to providing your customers with exceptional customer service.

Along with other recognized small business experts, Robert contributed content to the “Streetwise Small Business Book of Lists” by Gene Marks, published by Adams Media Publications (

Robert is in high demand as a customer service consultant, success coach, and speaker. With Robert Moment as the customer service speaker at your next staff meeting, he will inspire and educate your employees. Robert’s engaging style and interactive presentations make his customer service training a pleasure for everyone. The opportunity to work with Robert is an opportunity for growth and discovery: turn your customer service team into a PROFIT CENTER that creates “Wow” Customer Service Experience.

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