Customer Service Training

               For Customer Loyalty and Profitable Results

What is the single most important factor that makes a business successful? You may be surprised – it’s not your product or service, your marketing or how many new clients you get! In fact, many companies don’t realize that they may be losing money every day that they don’t address this powerful business tool.

What really makes a business successful is repeat customers!

You get repeat customers through exceptional customer service!

Our customer service training and customer service seminars, featuring customer service consultant and successful business coach and author Robert Moment, can turn your business into a profit-making machine by introducing you to the most important secret of successful businesses today:

Research has proven that it costs your business five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer. There’s a simple way to retain your valued customers so that they will keep coming to you for products or services – providing customer service that goes beyond the basics and takes your company’s service to the next level!

Our customer service training will take you to the next level with your business – your customers and clients will become your most valuable assets. Our customer service seminars will give your sales support and customer service staff the tools they need to make sure every customer feels valued and appreciated.

Every customer service training session and seminar we do is 100% customized to address your business’s unique needs. We conduct a Customer Service Experience Audit to clearly understand the experience your customers or clients have when they do business with you. From there, we will build a program designed around you and your business to ensure that every customer or client you have will experience the Wow Customer Service Experience.

Robert Moment, a professional customer service consultant, can turn your business around by teaching you and your staff everything you need to know to give your customers a “Wow” customer service experience – and keep them coming back for more!

What can you learn from Customer Service Consultant Robert Moment?

  • Did you know there are 16 inexpensive and easy ways to win your clients’ hearts and loyalty?
  • Do you know the seven questions to ask that will eliminate 80% of problems with customers?
  • Would you like to learn how to say “no” to customers and still retain their loyalty and trust – and even build your credibility and enhance your relationship with your clients?
  • What are the three topics you should never discuss with customers and the six things you must never say?

Our customer service seminars and training sessions will give you the answers to these questions and so much more:

  • Learn when to bargain with clients - and how it can generate more and better sales!
  • The best way to handle price complaints that will not only satisfy your customers, but actually strengthen your relationship with them.
  • Robert Moment’s 29 customer tips that will have clients begging to spend more money!


Who Do We Work With:

*Small Businesses



*Government Agencies


How Do We Work :


*Thorough Needs Analysis to Evaluate Clients Customer Service Training Requirements


*Customized Training Solutions Based on the Clients Business Needs and Goals


* Half Day or Full Day Customer Service Training


*Consulting -Hire Us as a Manager of Customer Experience for Your organization. Ideal for local startup and small companies to outsource their customer service needs. Your clients and customers will receive the same exceptional customer service(need to strengthen content)

Today is the day to turn your customer service team into a PROFIT CENTER and create “Wow” Customer Service Experiences – and MAXIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS!


Let us Create a Exceptional Customer Service in your Organization.

To schedule a Complimentary Customer Service appointment, contact us at 703.580.8002 or email Robert Moment at


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